Miss little charmingIf truth be told I don’t really know where to begin for this feeling is breaking me apart. All those memories we had it seems so far-fetched from now and all we can do is to reminisce what is left from you. My dear Joevelle, one of my earliest memories of you is your charming smile and witty personality. You seem so carefree and high spirited despite of a lot of things you’ve been through. You never fail to shine upon us and give us enough strength that ‘hey we can do this and it will be over soon’.

As we longed for your wit and wisdom it breaks our heart that we never got the chance to do the same thing to you, to be the one who always draws a smile and fuel-up ones weary soul. I know you’ve been in fair share of difficulties in life, family, school and friends but that does not hinder you to have a deep-well of bottomless faith in Him and through that you never fail to encourage us to seek for Him in times of our own difficulty.

As I walk through the corridors I always dreamed what it could be if you were here upon us? We would never have this heartache of losing you and never had to deal with this grief. You never prepared us for this. My dear Joevelle do you still remember the things we planned and talked about during our immersion? That hopefully we will graduate and passed the NLE and once that we are full-pledged nurses we will go back to those people who help us make it through and mold us of what we would be by then and give thanks and honor them? to our mentors, family, friends and foster family in Infanta since our success is not only ours to have. You had taught me that everything we do, we should offer it to everyone and to Him especially since we are nothing without Him.

I know it’s wrong to hold on to you since you are now with Him my dear Joevelle. I know He has plans why it had to be this way. I know that you are happy now. My dear angel help us to make it through, take our hearts make it new and make it true, make it like you.

As we face challenges that require us to make great decisions, choices that may change our life forever and as we take the next journey we will take with us your memories that have completely changed our entire being. We will forever treasure every moment of sadness and happiness and the unbreakable bond of friendship we had for eternity.