As I repeatedly read this phrase it quite hit me how one could have freedom if someone is going to enter into a commitment, wherein the possibilities of choices are limited and definite while if you have freedom you have endless or boundless options. And usually when the word ‘commitment’ itself is heard or seen nevertheless ‘relationship’ is the usual follow up word that pops out in one’s mind, right? As I goggle down the word ‘commitment’ in Microsoft Encarta Dictionary there are immense denotations that resulted and one of these is this one ‘’commitment is responsibility, something that takes up time or energy, especially an obligation”. It may give a vague meaning to someone who is searching for a definite answer but somehow it created a little stir on how I look and view the word and the phrase up above.

Probably if we look into a another point of view, into someone’s eyes who had herself already committed into something, one could say that she has the freedom to begin with to choose if she is ready to entrust herself into something and can stand for what she has chosen. She has the freedom to choose to commit herself or not, to let go of the opportunity that arrive to be committed or not.

And furthermore it is more ideal that one should experience first the freedom she has before committing into something. Why? It’s because when you had enjoyed the freedom you had and uses it into rational actions when you are at the peak of being committed you are more focus and you won’t have any regrets in the future like ‘‘…I should have done this and that before entering into this kind of situation…’’ and many more likewise, because having regrets and failing to be ready on having a commitment could cause infidelity to the responsibility bestowed upon. Enjoying the freedom one has completes herself thus shares her completeness into the commitment.

As the usual thinking of many of us that when someone is committed she loses all the freedom she had, I think it is the other way around. When you are committed whether it is on someone, work, studies and other stuffs that require your fidelity, you are free from committing a sin since you are committed into something already. And it gives you all the liberty to do what you think you should do and are appropriate actions into something that you are being committed to. As a last statement, being in a commitment may give a fright, stress, pressure or shocked to someone at first-hand since no one knows or could apprehend what is held in the future everything will be alright if it is guided with prayers. In every decision we make we should always God for guidance and blessings. And later on if someone is doing her job and responsibility plus with the guidance of God into the commitment, every problems encounter will be a less burden, happiness and feeling worthy is not much far ahead to be felt and surely life will be a bliss.