Forever is a play about the love, unfaithfulness, heartbreak, pride, regrets, pity and absolution. The story revolves within the characters of Maria Theresa, Ernesto, Ernesting, Consuelo and Oscar. The action takes place in Manila around 9pm when Ernesto went back to the house of his wife Maria Theresa so they could talk and settle things that is left in the past. Ernesto pleaded for forgiveness, a second chance to settle things right and to be recognized by his son Ernesting which he left 8 long years ago when he was caught having an affair with other woman and told to leave the house and to never come back by Maria Theresa. Despite the persistence of Ernesto for having a last chance to Maria Theresa he wasn’t given any right to have. And he also failed to be recognized by his own son. That concluded him that it is best to leave his family after.

I could not blame Maria Theresa for her decisions that even though after those 8 long years she still loved the man who was been unfaithful to her, now standing in front of her asking for reconciliation and foreseeing a happy ending with him is within reach yet she didn’t grab for that opportunity and let go of the man he loved and longed for. For a person to be betrayed by the one she loved is not an easy task. It is not simple to forgive and forget. Especially when you have given him all the faith and love you have that sometimes you left nothing for yourself. Sometimes there are things better left unresolved and buried. For some it is much easier to deal with since the damaged is already been done. There are so much hurting that when past is open-up again the pain and memories are twice or thrice more painful to deal with. Pride could be also hold responsible for not granting forgiveness but there are certain things that it is more than pride but hurting is the main reason. There is so much hurting that one can’t deal of it anymore even though it could lead them to their happiness.

Even though how great love is for a person it doesn’t guarantee it will last and have a happy ending like in fairytales. Sometimes when you love someone you need to set him free because it is much better that way than to have him yet you will always remember his wrongdoings. Fearing that someday he might be weakened again and do it all over again. He did have already his chance yet he just wasted it all away. Sometimes it is too late to ask for amnesty particularly when there are certain wounds that cannot be healed with it, wounds that are beyond healing and was hardened by time.